Wednesday, September 29, 2010

War of the Suckling Pig: Gemah Ripah vs Andi Jaya

Warning: This post is not vegetarian-friendly

It’s a rule of thumb that when you visit Bali, you have to try their roasted suckling pig (unless you’re a Muslim or a vegetarian).  Problem is, you can easily find warungs or rumah makan that sell Babi Guling (Indonesian for the roasted suckling pig). So, which one to choose?? I can guide you to two places that we ate during our last visit to Bali.

The first one, which is a family favorite (my mom & dad love this place), is called Gemah Ripah. My dad and my best friend, Winda, are the advocates for this place. It’s true, they have the softest & most delicate suckling pig meat. Then just pour the sauce, composed of arousing spices like lemongrass, shallots, etc, and you’re good to go. It’s a good idea to eat with some salt & sambal matah, available on every table. I don’t know how they do it but the skin stays crispy & it’s the crispiest suckling pig skin I’ve ever had (I know Winda would agree). The motto of these babi guling warungs is to utilize every part of the pig. They’re made into sausages, fried skin (rambak), soup, blood pepes. The most tempting item is battered and deep fried fatty stomach. It tastes so good but you also know that it is really really bad for your health. Unfortunately, the soup was on the ordinary side. Why do I say so? Because I have another contender for the soup, which brings us to the next babi guling stop.

Gemah Ripah
Location #1:
Pertokoan Udayana No. 9
Jln. Letda Made Putra, Denpasar
(0361) 254-327, (0361) 254-328

Location #2:
Jln. W. R. Supratman No. 83 C, Denpasar
(0361) 263-728

I discovered this place last year, while on the way to Gitgit for a charity event. We stopped by this babi guling place for pre-lunch, the name is Babi Guling Andi Jaya. It’s located on the right side of the road on the way to Bedugul. I don’t have the exact address, just the location, Desa Perean, Singaraja. But if you’re on your way to Bedugul from Denpasar, I bet you won’t miss it.

The first time I went there, the only memorable thing was the red rice. The meat, urap, and soup were too spicy that I couldn’t taste a thing. Surprisingly, this next visit begged to differ. I suppose it’s because my tongue has been accustomed to hotness & spiciness already. The suckling pig’s meat was just as tender as Gemah Ripah’s, but the sauce wasn’t as good. The variety of meat was not as many as the other place. Still, the soup has the right spiciness that I can’t stop slurping it to its last drop. The red rice still amused me; you know, it’s supposed to be healthy. It’s very thoughtful of the owner to use it.

There is still another famous place that we haven’t visited, it’s called Bu Oka and it’s located in Ubud. We certainly must pay that place a visit next time.


  1. Ahh,, this is something different. When I go to Bali, everyone ask me to visit either Bu Oka or Bigul Chandra.
    Maybe I'll try this two on my next visit to Bali.. :)


  2. @JieWa: Both of them are worth a try, they have their own specialties. I know how famous Bu Oka is, but I still haven't had the chance to try it. Is it really that good?
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)