Friday, September 10, 2010

A Night in Solo... Galabo & Shi Jack (Part 2)

Entrance to Galabo at night

I like it better during and after sundown better because of the cooler weather and because at night, more food stalls pop out on curbsides, which means more food to try on!

Solo is famous for its street fare, from Nasi Liwet to Es Nini Thowong, I find it quite diverse & not overly sweet like the food in Yogyakarta. But the one thing I was drawn most is a dish called "tengkleng", which consists of chopped up goat bones with little meat attached to them & pieces of kikil (the feet part). Ever since my cousin described the tengkleng she had on her first visit to Solo, I knew I had to try it. The famous tengkleng vendor is Bu Edi at Pasar Klewer. She starts selling her good stuff at such odd hour, 1.30 in the afternoon. Her stall is located underneath the gate of Pasar Klewer, next to the security post.

I haven't been to the actual stall myself, but I got a tip from a staff at Roemahkoe that you can get Bu Edi's tengkleng at the night food market, Galabo, which is short for Gladag Langen Bogan. I have no idea what that means, but this night food fest sounds really insteresting.

To get here, you just need to drive east along Slamet Riyadi Rd. until you find a road that is closed on your left & that would be H. Sunaryo Street. Lined neatly across Pusat Grosir Solo, these food stalls were initiated by the Ministry of Trade. I think this is a really great idea and it's attractive to both local & international tourists.

Tengkleng Bu Edi
No doubt I went straight to the tengkleng seller that claims to be the same one from Pasar Klewer while my husband got his hands on the famous after-midnight fare, Gudeg Ceker Bu Kasno. The soup of my tengkleng was fragrance & nicely seasoned, but didn't arrive at my table hot enough. There were too many bits of bones that made it hard to eat. After a while, it got cold and I can feel the fat swarming on my lips. Perhaps the original tengkleng at Pasar Klewer would taste better, I will defintely visit it when I come to Solo again. My husband's gudeg ceker was so-so, the ceker wasn't that extraordinary.

Beef Satay
We wanted to try one more thing & bought the Beef Satay at a stall that sells..... Surprisingly, it tastes really good! The overall flavor was sweet, the meat was tender, and the peanut sauce... yummy! The sauce had something more that just peanuts and sweet soy sauce, maybe some kaffir lime leaves.

I guess it's better when you have no expectations at all...

Don't worry if you get your hands dirty since they have wash basins installed every 5 meters or so. They have no soaps though, so you'd still need to carry your hand sanitizers.

Overall, this was a pleasant experience as there was live music performance playing the 70's to 90's songs even on a Thursday night. If you walk further back, you'll find a more traditional musil players.

Stomachs filled, we're ready to head back to the inn and fall asleep. But on our way back, we went past a warung called Shi-Jack. I paid attention closely and read that they sell fresh cow milk. Uh oh, I gotta try it... So I begged my husband to make a u-turn just to satisfy my curiosity.

Inside the warung is a long table with various fried foods (fried tofu, fried tempe, fried innards), sate puyuh, rice wrapped in banana leaves. And at the corner where the small stove were, a melamin bowl was being used to heat the milk. Without hesitation, I ordered a glass of hot fresh milk and my husband ordered STMJ. The hot milk with a little bit of sugar (I didn't stir it too hard) was HEAVEN... It was so creamy and milky, very comforting... My husband liked his STMJ too... They're really gonna give us a good night sleep.

Yummiest glass of milk I've ever had!

The way they named their drinks was really catchy, like Sukatman for Susu Coklat Manis and Tante Susy for Susu Syrup Tanpa Telor. I think it's brilliant! Their milk came straight from Boyolali, which a milk-producing city. I will never forget how the milk tasted at Shi Jack.

You can find Shi Jack on Jln. Dr. Radjiman. It's quite near Roemahkoe.

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