Monday, September 6, 2010

Mie Terang Bulan (Cin Cau Lok)

 Just like in Jakarta, di Palembang, it's very common to have bakmie as breakfast. Unlike Mie Aloy, Mie Terang Bulan or commonly known as Cin Cau Lok, is only open at night. As a foodie, tentu saja saya dibikin penasaran oleh kedai mie satu ini karena konon rasanya lezat sekali (my husband is this place's advocate). Karena ketersohorannya & karena faktor tempat yang cukup sempit (dari dulu sampai sekarang), jangan coba-coba berkunjung ke kedai ini pas jam makan (jam 6 atau jam 7 sore), kecuali anda rela mengantri. My advice is, come in a bit earlier, around 4-5 pm and you'll (still) probably  get a seat in 15 minutes (they're open from 4 pm).

I've got to be honest, the pork noodle itself did not live up to my high (maybe too high) expectations. I found it  too sweet and the noodles too chewy (even for a chewy lover like myself!). So, I'm gonna leave it to my husband to speak for this noodle place he grew up with.

However, I found refuge in their boiled wontons (aka pangsit), the skin so silky and the filling, mm MM mm... so smooth and tasty! According to my father-in-law, this is the best boiled wontons they ever had. Wow, who knew...

Yo yo this is the husband. Nice to meet you all!
Palembang people would agree with me, this is the best noodle depot in town
the noodle is simple but very delicious with its dumpling (soup or fried), and also I suggest you to ask for boiled dumpling with green onion and tongcai as topping, very nice :)
Tetapih .... pelayanan disana pasti tidak anda sukai .... contohnya :
1. Pas lagi makan kalo mau tambah .... " ga dari tadi mau nambah, rame yang ngantri tau !"
2. Kalo bungkus, jangan harap dikasih kuah kalo ga bawa tempat kuah
3. Kalo lagi rame, pas kita datang mau pesen, .... " lama ! mau nunggu ga ? " kalo sudah bilang gitu ya ..... bersabarlah untuk nunggu ampir 1 jam, walaupun begitu tetep aja ditungguin :)

Mie Terang Bulan
Hours: 4 pm - 8 pm (or until they ran out of noodles to sell)
Jln. Mesjid Lama No. 144B

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  1. I was born and raised in PLG, their mie pangsit and their chow mein for sure were one of the best in town. But when I went back some 10yrs ago and tried them couple of times, they were good (no longer the best). I visited PLG again in 2008, tried them again, boy what happened? They used to good, now it's just an average. So ... from best to good, from good to average; dunno what will happen on my next visit