Monday, September 6, 2010

Mie Aloy [Still in Palembang.. ]

Ampera at night

Yes, still walking in and around the hometown of my husband, Palembang.

I'm here to boast to you about the most crowded noodle place in Palembang. They're only open during daytime and the noodles here really hit the spot! You have a choice between the regular egg noodles and the flat kwetiaw-like noodles. I'd personally go for the regular noodles, but my husband likes the flat ones. The regular noodles come with minced pork topping, but you can always order additional meat to be cooked with the soup. It's more like a self-service, you have a selection of pork innards (liver, colon, blood), dumplings, & ngohiang.

The condiments are also very interesting. Key limes, pickled chilies (cabe rawit), ground green chilies, and don't forget to sprinkle lots of ground white pepper. The last thing is a habit that my husband got me into. He's a merica-lover and adding lots of white pepper sprinkles really increases my appetite. Yum!

Since all we do is EAT eat EAT in Palembang, don't hesitate to order a half serving of noodles 'coz once your tummy is full, you can't really enjoy anything. However, that doesn't really apply for my husband... Hmm....

Mie Aloy/Alai
Hours: 6.30 am - 1 pm
Jln. Dempo Luar No. 410

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