Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lesehan Oseng Mercon Bu Narti

I'm a fan of salty and savoury food, that's why my cooking tends to be on the salty side, but compensated with lots of spices. So, when I browse the internet for recommended culinary destinations in Yogya, the name Oseng Mercon Bu Narti caught my attention. It's described as an ultra spicy stir fry of daging tetelan with a composition of 1 kg chili paddy per 10 kg of beef. I drooled looking at the pictures, somehow spicy things draw up my saliva quickly. So, I nagged my husband to take me to this place no matter what.

The fateful day arrived and we drove to KH Ahmad Dahlan to locate this particular tent. Apparently, people are trying to steal some of Bu Narti's fame by setting up their own Oseng Mercon tents along the street, so it took us a couple of minutes to find Bu Narti's humble tent. We walked in and immediately ordered, "Oseng mercon satu buk." The other items caught our attention, so we ordered Grilled Quail (Burung Puyuh) and Fried Catfish (Lele Goreng). And we sat idly on the mat along with other couples & families.

This is the first time for us as a married couple to dine on the curbside.

Food came, along with two plates of steaming white rice. We dug in. Ouch! The oseng was truly spicy, not on first bite, but a few seconds after that. You get that burning sensation in your mouth. It was not only hot & spicy, but also very oily as they use unwanted parts of beef laced with fat. I can feel the fat hardening on my lips as I ate. Not a good feeling. Towards the end of our dinner, we can see the liquefied fat hardening on the oseng mercon's plate. I'd think twice about eating oseng mercon again. I wasn't a fan of the taste either. Sorry peeps.

The saving grace lied on the grilled quail and fried catfish, unlike the oseng mercon, I like these two much better. Though they could make a better sambal to make this dinner a complete experience.

But, who am I to complain. Overall we enjoyed eating on the floor with our hands. That's the beauty of eating on the curbside.

Afterwards, we drove to find Susu Murni Papiti, allegedly located on the north ring road near JIH. Couldn't find the tent :(
Anyone who could instruct me to find this famous fresh milk tent would be appreciated.

Oseng Mercon Bu Narti
Jl. KH Ahmad Dahlan, Purwodiningratan
(0274) 550258, 6501371

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