Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sapi Bali in Yogya

Just got back from my trip to Menjangan, Bali and I owe myself a review of Sapi Bali. It's been almost a month since we visited Sapi Bali in Yogya but the experience is still fresh!

First time I heard of Sapi Bali was from my husband (who else?) and I wasn't interested at all at the time. When you're in Yogya, you'd want to savor the local cuisines, not a Balinese food. But don't let the name fool you. It's actually quite catchy as the Hindhu Bali people don't consume beef, so this could a one of a kind restaurant.

This eating joint is located in the Palagan area, on the way to Kaliurang. When you see the sign of Rumah Palagan, you are close by. The dining area is set facing an empty field (supposedly a rice field maybe?) with modest furnitures. The waiter served us promptly but didn't know much about anything when we ask him questions like if Sapi Bali is actually from Bali.

I spotted a camcau plant growing vigorously next to where we were sitting & noticed they serve camcau drink, so I immediately ordered that to go with my grilled cow ribs, Balinese sausage, & clear rib soup.

I was amazed by the size of the portion in comparison to the price of only IDR 33.000! We dug in and found comfort on first bite. The meat was tender & the spices were just right, not too much yet enough to make the cow smell (bau langur) at bay. The turmeric soup that came with it was refreshing as well, a little on the spicy side. I found the sausage to be so-so, reminds me of sausages found in nasi campur Bali, but made from beef instead of pork.

At first, I had doubts about the clear non-spicy soup, but then I was surprised by the richness of the broth. The meat was just as tender & there were pieces of potatoes, carrots, & kidney bean inside. However, as much as I hate being the buzz killer, when we walked out of the joint, we saw a shipment truck unloading cartons of Knorr chicken bullion. You know what that means.. Uh oh...

Finally I have to complain about their es camcau (es cincau ijo/es daluman). It's said on the menu that they used roasted coconut for the coconut milk, but it tasted really rough, not smooth the way coconut milk should be. And the camcau itself, kinda tasted like they added lime juice in it. I much prefer the all natural camcau, like the way my mom makes it.

Overall, it was still a very nice experience and I would come back to try their other items like Ayam Betutu and their interesting minty juices.

Sapi Bali
Jalan Damai

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